Video: Auburn vs. Mississippi State epic trailer

The No. 2 Auburn Tigers (5-0) travel to Starkville, Miss., to take on the No. 3 Mississippi State Bulldogs (5-0) in their annual SEC West matchup. The Tigers are coming off a 41-7 rout of LSU in Week 6. The Bulldogs look to add to their back-to-back wins against ranked opponents after upsets of LSU and Texas A&M the past two weeks.

Nick Marshall continues to provide Auburn with a dual-threat at quarterback. Marshall has 755 yards and eight touchdowns on 55-of-95 passing and rushed for 392 on 58 attempts. Cameron Artis-Payne leads the Tigers with 594 rushing yards and five touchdowns on 110 carries.

Dak Prescott secured his Heisman candidacy with a big performance against Texas A&M. Prescott threw for 259 yards and two touchdowns on 19-of-25 passing. He added 77 yards and three scores on 23 rushing attempts.

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  • Great video. I thought I couldn’t be anymore pumped for Saturday but I was wrong.

  • I like this stat:
    MSU 34 LSU 29
    AU 41 LSU 7
    29 point differential

    • I like the fact that two of their scores came in the last minute when we were in total prevent which was a coaching issue. I also like the stat that although a&m had a lot of yards passing we basically shut down the most prolific passing team up to that point. It’s not a stat but you WILL NOT run on MSU. The biggest stat I like is that it was in LSU’s house on Saturday night.
      You just come on and bring it. You have no idea what you are going up against. Bulldogs by two touchdowns.

      • Do you know how many times Auburn has heard they “won’t be able to run on this team.” It means nothing until the game is played.

        • 120 yds was your lowest total last year. That was us. That was Dak’s first SEC start. And it took some Plains juju for y’all to win. Remember, you’re on our turf now and it’s 2014. I don’t think the juju is going to help you. You gotta earn it.

    • the stat that really matters is MSU 38 Auburn 23

  • I am super pumped! Should be a great game, even with the cowbells. WDE

  • Auburn D gives barely over 300 yards per Game. Miss st. D Gives up well over 400. Auburn 8.1 yards per play ,Miss st 7.5. I can give some more if needed. War Boom Eagle!

    • How about the stat of over 500 yards offensively for every game this year? Does that stat mean anything to You? Auburn hasn’t seen the offensive front they are about to encounter. MSU’s offense isn’t LSU or Kansas State my friend. The buzzards are going down.

      • Dude a few minutes more LSU would’ve won; kind of amazing how short MSU fans memories are “Auburn hasn’t seen the offensive front MSU’s offense isn’t LSU or Kansas State my friend”. How cute huh!

        • They only got those last minute scores because we went to prevent D. Anyone that watched the game knows that.

    • Go check out the infographic SDS just posted. We clearly have the better offense.

  • Respect for MSU. This will be a hard test for both teams, and it will be a great game. Unfortunately, someone falls… AU covers

  • I’ve got the Bulldogs 35-24, but I could be wrong. either way this game will be epic, and that video gave me a stiffie. Hail State!

  • Bulldogs win it 38-28, or something to the tune of that.

  • All goes back to normal, the state of Mississippi comes back down to earth this weekend. WAR EAGLE!!!!

  • Kinda funny how teams win a few games that had for the previous 20 years been dead last; but all the sudden mid season they get dreams of gran dure and national title hopes. One thing i know is that SEC you have to go week to week and just the last few days things fall together. Listening to MSU fans you’d believe they’d been playing with ghe big boys for decades now; but is is only in the last 20 years their school had BARELY made it to the same division as LSU. Just like that wise Auburn fan humbly spoke; MSU DON’T COUNT YOUR CHICKENS BEGORE THE EGGS HATCH !

    • That’s funny…back in the early 80’s LSU couldn’t keep up with MSU. Only in the last twenty years? You must be very young.

  • You keep touting this vaunted “greater than 500 yards per game” stat. Please, tell me all about the amazing defenses you’ve faced so far. LSU’s yearlings? TAMU’s holey secondary? UAB? USA? Don’t get me wrong, this game is going to he epic, but Miss State hasn’t seen anything like Auburn’s defense this year. I say within 10 points, but Auburn’s stamina puts them on top. War Eagle!

    • If State has played no one, what’s that say about Auburn’s previous games? Don’t act like you’ve done anything impressive yet.

      • Did you see me spouting hyped up stats? No. I think this is the biggest test that both teams will have faced so far this year. Just trying to say be realistic. Mr. 500 Yards up there was trying to use it as an end-all be-all argument, which it’s not. I think winning against TAMU has made all of you worse than Mizzou fans. Regardless, it will be an awesome game. War Eagle!

        • Not all, just some of us. I’m expecting one hell of a game from Auburn.

  • End of the day this will be a game unlike any other this year and we are all blessed to enjoy it. Don’t trash stay classy like the SEC is support to be. The best team will rise up. S it back and enjoy the thrills. WDE

  • Why did this video get removed? It was sick.