You knew it was a matter of time before video evidence emerged.

Memphis defensive back Reggis Ball tackled an Auburn equipment manager following the SEC Tigers’ 31-10 win in the Birmingham Bowl, apparently to procure a game ball.

The redshirt senior scored a 56-yard touchdown on an interception return, Memphis’ only trip to the end zone all game.

He apparently flipped off Auburn and the team’s fans after stealing the ball and then celebrating. One fan captured the scene and posted a Facebook video. If only the camera had panned up a little sooner.

Memphis #38 tables auburn ball, steals ball and runs of the field! #thugloser

Posted by Russell Smith on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Memphis interim coach Darrell Dickey got asked about the incident after the game.

“As I was coming out, I was hearing bits and pieces of what happened,” Dickey said, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

“They’re in the dressing room right now trying to sort it out. We will certainly look into what went on, what happened, and get the facts squared away. That’s not us. If in fact somebody on our team did something like that, then we’ll certainly address it. But I don’t have all the information with me at this time.”