Kentucky centerfielder and leadoff hitter John Thrasher suffered a scary injury doing Saturday’s win over LSU.

Thrasher was going back on a ball hit to the wall, and he collided with the fence at full speed. The scary part happened when he basically face-planted against the wall.

If you missed the injury earlier, below is a replay.

Thrasher lay motionless on the field for a minute or so and was able to walk off the field with the help of trainers. He was immediately taken to be evaluated for a head injury.

Later in the afternoon, Thrasher took to social media to respond to the D1Baseball’s Kendall Rogers, saying he was “all good.”

With Kentucky’s win over LSU, the Cats will face No. 1 seed Tennessee Saturday night. It remains to be seen, however, if Thrasher will be able to play against the Volunteers.