Bob Huggins apologized on Monday after he was recorded calling Xaiver fans a homophobic slur on a Cincinnati radio show. The statement came from WVU men’s basketball.

Huggins coached at Cincinatti from 1989-2005 and was asked about crosstown rival Xavier. Huggins referred to fans of Xavier using a homophobic slur.

Here is the full radio interview from Monday (NSFW):

In Huggins’ statement he addressed the incident. He apologized for his actions and promised to be better in the future.

“Earlier today on a Cincinnati radio program, I was asked about the rivalry between my former employer, the University of Cincinnati, and its crosstown rival, Xavier University. During the conversation, I used a completely insensitive and abhorrent phrase that there is simply no excuse for – and I won’t try to make one here. I deeply apologize to the individuals I have offended, as well as to the Xavier University community, the University of Cincinnati community, and West Virginia University. As I have shared with my players over my 40 years of coaching, there are consequences for our words and actions, and I will fully accept any coming my way. I am ashamed and embarrassed and heartbroken for those I have hurt. I must do better, and I will.”

Huggins has been coaching at West Virginia since 2007. Stay tuned for more news about the incident.