If you put much stock into WalletHub’s recently published rankings for the best college basketball towns in 2019, the SEC has some room to grow when it comes to supporting its teams.

Based on the SEC’s college basketball renaissance, this list suggests WalletHub may not be paying very close attention to recent seasons. Be that as it may, this list attempts to rank the best cities for college basketball in the nation for 2019 using a wide range of criteria including the teams in the area, the performance of those teams, fan engagement, season tickets sold and the status of the coaches that have served in and around the program in the last decade.

You can read more about the criteria¬†at WalletHub but it would seem to us that the performance of a team on the court is far and away the thing that makes a city embrace a college basketball team. Be that as it may, here is how WalletHub’s research breaks down each SEC city in terms of support for college basketball in 2019:

  • #8 Lexington, Kentucky
  • #21 Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • #46 Nashville, Tennessee
  • #49 Columbia, South Carolina
  • #69 Oxford, Mississippi
  • #79 College Station, Texas
  • #83 Gainesville, Florida
  • #111 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • #160 Starkville, Mississippi
  • #207 Auburn, Alabama
  • #212 Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • #225 Columbia, Missouri
  • #233 Athens, Georgia
  • #269 Knoxville, Tennessee