Aaron Murray criticized college football fans who felt that TCU wasn’t deserving of a spot in the College Football Playoff after its 65-7 loss to Georgia in Monday’s national championship game in Los Angeles.

The Horned Frogs entered the evening having only lost to Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship Game in November. The most points they had given up in a game had coincidentally been the CFP semifinal against Michigan in a 51-45 win.

That said, no one expected the game to go in the direction it went. While the Horned Frogs were barely competitive outside of a few brief moments, Murray still gave credit to the team for even making it to that point.

“I know a lot of the narrative out there is ‘Well, TCU didn’t deserve to be there’…TCU deserved to be there,” the former Georgia and SEC great said on SiriusXM. “TCU won the football games. Alabama didn’t win the football games when they could have been there. Tennessee didn’t win the football games when they could have been there. Clemson didn’t win the football games when they had opportunities to make the [College Football Playoff]. Michigan obviously lost to TCU.

“TCU won the games in front of them. They’re a Power 5 team that had a great resume that Michigan. They deserved to be in that game. They just got outmatched by the best team in the country.”