A game-changing addition to the in-stadium menu is coming to Ohio State this season.

Take a deep breath: A bacon vending machine is coming to the Buckeyes’ stadium.

The idea came from an Ohio State student, and it has quickly made headlines around the world.

“Our boss likes to open up meetings by walking in and saying, ‘Hit me with a crazy idea.’ So at that moment we kind of just thought, ‘Why not a bacon vending machine?’” said Meghann Winters, a senior agricultural communication major at The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, in a press release from the school.

It’s been called a breakfast-staple turned game-day treat and is available from the Ohio Pork Council near section 37A in the South Stands.

After Winter came up with the idea, she had to find a vending machine and reconfigure it so that it would offer cooked bacon. Then there was a lot of trial and error to retrofit the machine, because the machine is better suited for candy bars than bacon.

If the campus interest is any indication of how it will play out at the stadium, watch out. During the eight days last winter the machine operated on campus, it dispensed roughly 275 pounds of bacon. It quickly drew worldwide media interest.

Now the college football world is getting a taste? Watch out.

Credit: Ohio State University