This may be the first time that a college football player has been suspended for chugging a beer while standing on top of a moving bus.

Those were the actions of Georgia Southern redshirt senior nose tackle Gavin Adcock, who was captured on video before Saturday’s game against Louisiana catching a beer from a fan and proceeding to put it down all while being the lone person standing on top of a school bus in motion.

On Monday, Georgia Southern director of athletics Jared Benko announced that Adcock had been suspended, which was shared on Twitter by Frank Sulkowski of WJCL 22 News and other reporters:

It’s been an eventful few days for Georgia Southern. After falling to 1-3 with a 28-20 home loss to Louisiana, it decided to fire head coach Chad Lunsford. Things haven’t been going well for the Eagles, as they’ve lost 3 straight games since winning their season opener against Gardner-Webb.

As for Adcock, it’s not yet clear how long his suspension will last. Benko said it was indefinite and that Adcock’s behavior wasn’t acceptable and wouldn’t happen again.