Texas and Oklahoma are leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. Cincinnati, Houston and UCF are leaving the AAC for the Big 12, which is also pulling in independent BYU. What will be the next dominoes to fall?

It appears the AAC is now going to be looking to add teams to make up for the trio of schools it’s losing. And according to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, the conference already has a handful of candidates in mind.

Dodd reported on Thursday that the AAC is “focused on recruiting a group of schools” that includes Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State, San Diego State and UAB. Those first 4 schools are currently in the Mountain West, while UAB is in Conference USA.

Of those schools, the ones that have been “discussed most prominently” have been Boise State and UAB, per Dodd. However, he added that the AAC is looking to add 4 schools to increase its total to 12.

It’s not a sure thing the AAC will land these schools, though. According to Dodd, the Big 12 may still be looking to add 2 schools to get to 14, and if it does, Boise State and Memphis would be top targets.

Either way, it seems the Mountain West is likely to lose at least 1 member school and potentially several more. If that happens, it will then likely need to go out and try to find some replacement schools of its own.

The AAC has only been a conference for 8 years, as it was established in 2013. It currently has 11 members, but that number will drop to 8 when the Big 12 expands, if it doesn’t expand itself.