College football fans have begun to debate whether there will even be a college football season in 2020.

Those doubting a season will be played were given plenty of ammunition last week when ESPN College GameDay analyst Kirk Herbstreit expressed his firm doubts that college football or the NFL could be played in the months to come due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you missed Herbstreit’s comments from last week, here was the key statement the analyst shared during his appearance on ESPN radio.

“In my opinion, until we have a vaccine, where we’ve really got some control over this, even if this curve is flattened out, this virus is still out there. I’ll be shocked, I haven’t talked with anybody but I’ll be shocked if we have NFL football this fall, if we have college football. I’ll be so surprised if that happens,” Herbstreit said.

Many have since come out and taken issue with Herbstreit’s comments, including his ESPN College GameDay co-host Rece Davis following the viral comments and now we can add Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly to that list.

During a Wednesday appearance on 96.1 FM WSBT’s Weekday Sportsbeat, Kelly issued this message to Irish fans hoping to see their team play next fall.

“Stay positive, I mean, you know? We have a choice we could be negative and think of, you know, a lot of things that could go wrong or we could be positive,” Kelly said on the show. “I choose, and have always chosen, to think in the most positive terms that we’re going to have this pandemic under control to where we can resume in some sort of normalcy where we can play college football in the fall.”

Unprovoked, Kelly then shared his issues with Herbstreit’s recent comments regarding the fate of the 2020 college football season.

“If anybody can really predict what can happen next week, they should be in the stock market,” Kelly continued. “I heard Kirk Herbstreit come out last week and say, ‘No way.’ Kirk does not know what he’s talking about. Really? For him, you know, talk in those terms, he’s not a scientist. He’s a college football analyst. We’ll let the scientists determine those things.”