Louisville just sent a message to its student-athletes following a COVID-19 outbreak within the school’s athletic department — party at your own risk.

If you missed the news earlier this week, Louisville had to shut down four sports programs — thankfully, football was not among the sports that were affected — after a weekend off-campus party led to an outbreak of 29 positive COVID-19 tests on campus.

Following an internal investigation into the matter, Louisville announced three soccer players have been dismissed from school.

According to the release issued by the school, each of the three dismissed players previously had broken team rules, so it’s unclear how big of a role the off-campus party may have had in the decision but it likely played a part given that four sports programs have currently been halted on campus.

“The three student-athletes being dismissed have each had prior team violations and were primarily responsible for organizing a party on Saturday which led to the temporary shutdown of voluntary activities and preseason practice sessions for four Cardinal sports.”

For what it’s worth, Louisville soccer coach John Michael Hayden has issued his public support of the school’s decision to dismiss the players.