Gordon Gee recently delivered an amazing line that has got us fired up considering the doubt some have when it comes to the fate of the upcoming college football season.

According to the West Virginia president, there isn’t much doubt that the 2020 college football season will be played.

During a recent interview with WOWK 13 News out of Huntington, West Virginia, Gee offered up this gem of a quote.

“We are going to play football in the fall, I really do believe that — even if I have to suit up. You know, and I got my ankles taped, I’m ready to go in,” the 76-year-old Gee said.

“But I think that, again with everything, we’re going to do it based upon what is safe, what is healthy for our fans, what is healthy for our student-athletes, but I do believe that we will play football.”

As if that news wasn’t good enough, Gee’s delivery made it the best quote of the offseason to date.

Check out the clip of Gee below, courtesy of Anna Maria Tarullo of WOWK 13 News.