While it may be Valentine’s Day, Cincinnati still has no chill for those that call out Luke Fickell.

If you missed it, Michigan State trustee Brian Mosallam had it in his head that calling out Fickell on the radio would come off as a good look for the Spartans. Well, he was wrong and now he continues to get trolled for his questionable judgment.

Here’s what Mosallam had to say when asked if Michigan State had screwed up the recruitment of the Cincinnati coach during a recent radio interview with “Jamie and Stoney on 97.1 The Ticket” following Fickell’s decision to stay with the Bearcats.

“Let me say this, by 9 p.m. (Monday) night, I personally had more information, finally, than the media did,” Mosallam said on the show. “And let me be as diplomatic as possible here, for Spartans everywhere, at the end of the day, we can’t force somebody to come here. Spartan Nation should want somebody that wants to be here. We don’t want a waffling flake who views this is as a destination job. So no, I don’t feel so.”

Judging by Mosallam’s actions, and taking into consideration he’s in a leadership position at the school, it’s not really a surprise that Michigan State has managed to stay in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent years.

Be that as it may, Cincinnati found a fantastic way to troll Mosallam following his recent comments.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day card issued by Cincinnati on Friday:

Cincinnati definitely won this round.