Remember the 2010 BCS National Championship Game? It was one that Alabama took control of in the second quarter and handily defeated Texas, 37-21.

Nearly 10 years later, former Longhorns head coach Mack Brown still thinks one thing could have changed the outcome of that game.

Brown, who is now the head coach at North Carolina, said during an interview with Brett McMurphy and Matt Hayes of Stadium that he believes Texas would have won had starting quarterback Colt McCoy not gone down with a shoulder injury in the first quarter.

“I think we win the game because Alabama was so focused on Florida in the conference championship game, and we didn’t play well against Nebraska in our conference championship game,” Brown said during the interview. “I thought they came into the game not respecting us, and we were good. They had trouble with mobile quarterbacks. They had trouble with the offense we were running.

“I thought the script was perfect that night for us, and a lot of fans have asked me that, especially Texas fans. The truth is when somebody gets hurt, you’ve got to have someone ready to play. Garrett Gilbert came in and still gave us a chance to win, but we had four turnovers, and that’s why we ended up losing the game.”

While the game may have been closer if the Longhorns had McCoy at quarterback, there’s no telling what really may have happened over the final three quarters. Texas had a 6-0 lead after the first, but Alabama scored 24 points in the second quarter to take an 18-point lead into halftime.

Of course, we’ll never find out what would have happened had McCoy not been injured that night. It’s possible that the Crimson Tide’s two-headed rushing attack of Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson still would have been too much for the Longhorns to stop.