Matt Rhule is addressing Shedeur Sanders’ comments after the Week 2 matchup between Nebraska and Colorado.

In that game, Sanders and the Buffs rolled to a 36-14 win in Deion Sanders’ home debut for Colorado. After the game, Shedeur claimed Nebraska’s head coach disrespected the Buffs logo prior to kickoff.

At his Monday press conference, Rhule reacted to that claim by Sanders. He claimed Nebraska takes a moment in every stadium to gather at midfield and pray for blessings. Rhule even said he asked Sanders if they wanted to join in when Colorado players filtered onto the field.

“We do it at every stadium. We go (to the middle of the field), we pray for blessings. They came in, I asked them if they wanted — I asked Shedeur if they wanted to pray with us,” said Rhule with a shrug. “I pray over every field — I’m a public official, but I can have my faith. I say pray, it’s nondenominational. We have muslim guys, non-believeers. We just take a moment as a team, I want the field to be safe for everybody.”

Rhule also said at the end of the game he was told Nebraska would run off the field right at the end. He said he would not do that, emphasizing the importance of running across the field to shake hands with the head coach.

“At the end of the game, they told me ‘Hey we’re gonna run right off, they’re gonna storm the field.’ I said absolutely not, absolutely not,” Rhule said. “I don’t care if I get beaten up by a mob, I’m running across that field and shaking Coach Sanders’ hand.

“When you’re losing, people are going to say stuff about you, I know exactly who I am. And I’m coaching this team with class and I’m not changing, and I went over there and shook that man’s hand and whispered in his ear. I’ve never disrespected an opponent a day in my life and I never will.”