Mike Leach is known for delivering some entertaining press conferences, and the Washington State head coach provided another one on Monday.

This week’s topic? Coaches needing to cover their mouths on the sidelines so that people can’t read their lips.

“America’s always been this huge bastion of lip readers. I mean, starting from kindergarten in some parts of this country, children are raised to read lips,” Leach told the media. “So that’s why it’s so necessary for coaches to constantly take their game plan or their script and cover up their mouth.”

But that was only the start of where Leach was going with this. He then went into a potential invention he thought of to help coaches prevent lip reading in an easier fashion.

“Instead of like a Zorro mask that covers your eyes, we’re just going to have one that covers the mouth, you see,” Leach said. “And we could sell it to football coaches everywhere. You could have a deal where it kind of attaches on your ears, kind of like eyeglasses, and hangs right here like a veil. Not as exotic, we’d make it a little more studly and masculine.”

Only Leach would have an idea like this and turn it into a topic at one of his weekly press conferences.

So far this season, Leach’s Cougars are off to a 4-3 start. They have a big game this week as they travel to Oregon to face the No. 11 Ducks on Saturday at 10:30 p.m. ET on ESPN. And who knows, perhaps one of these weeks Leach will even show up wearing a face veil.