College football fans are known to embrace superstitions surrounding their “lucky” articles of clothing. One Nebraska fan, however, took things a little too far.

Cornhuskers coach Scott Frost was visiting with SiriusXM College Sports Radio when he discussed some of the gifts he has received from fans since taking the Nebraska job. Frost mentioned a rocking horse made for his kid as well as some clothes. But things took a turn for the weird.

“I got a pair of used boxers,” Frost said. “It was pretty obvious (they were used). The guy said, ‘These were the boxer shorts I was wearing when you guys beat Missouri in ’97, I thought you’d want to have them.’ He was wrong.”

Let’s hope, for the sake of college football coaches everywhere, that mailing used boxers doesn’t become a thing.

The Missouri game was quite memorable for Frost and the Huskers. College football fans might remember it as the game where a touchdown pass was miraculously caught after being “kicked” by a fellow receiver. The “Flea Kicker” gave No. 1 Nebraska a last-second tie, forcing overtime. The Huskers avoided what would have been a massive upset for MU and won 45-38. The YouTube video below looks back on the unbelievable play (sorry, Mizzou fans):