The annual SEC vs. Big 12 Challenge makes for one of the most interesting weeks in the Southeastern Conference’s non-conference schedule on the hardwood but the only unfortunate aspect of the series occurs when a few league teams get left out due to the unbalanced structure of the two leagues.

It appears the SEC is working to get around having too many teams to perfectly match up with the Big 12 as Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports is reporting that the SEC will soon join an alliance with the AAC in basketball. The SEC teams unable to face Big 12 teams will now face AAC teams.

“Sources: SEC teams not involved in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge will play home-and-home series’ starting in 19-20 against select teams from the American Conference. The goal of the alliance between the leagues is create more Quad 1 and 2 opportunities,” Rothstein tweeted out on Thursday.

This appears to be another way for the SEC to legitimize itself as an elite basketball conference and provide league teams another opportunity to gain impressive wins outside of the conference schedule. The SEC has clearly taken its basketball game up a few notches in recent seasons and the recent coaching hires around the league suggest that’s only going to continue in the future.

This latest move should only further the narrative that the SEC is trying to become the dominant league in college basketball moving forward.