The “Civil Conflict” rivalry contrived by ex-UConn head coach Bob Diaco in 2014 ended up setting the Huskies program for ridicule. With the Huskies and Knights then both playing in the AAC – UConn, of course, is an FBS independent now – Diaco called for the creation of a trophy to be contested in what was set to be an annual matchup between the 2 teams.

Then-UCF head coach George O’Leary wasn’t in favor of the idea due to the distance between the 2 schools. And, unsurprisingly, despite Diaco’s insistence, the rivalry never quite took off, especially after his eventual firing.

But where did the Civil Conflict trophy end up after UCF won the last matchup between the 2 teams in 2016? On Friday, the Knights’ Twitter account posted a video of it inside the Bounce House ahead of Saturday’s first meeting in 5 seasons. And, of course, the Huskies couldn’t resist a good trolling attempt, as you can see below:

UConn football fans haven’t had much to laugh about over the past few years. But this well-timed zinger was too good to pass up on their end, though.