By now we’ve all heard the┬áspeculation that USC would be interested in hiring former Florida and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer.

Whether there is any truth to those rumors or not, the latest Twitter activity from the current college football analyst is only going to add fuel to the fire when it comes to that speculation.

If you missed it on Friday night, USC beat a top 10 Utah team at home. Following that result, USA TODAY’s Dan Wolken joked that the performance would help current USC head coach Clay Helton in the future. A Twitter user then responded with a comment regarding Urban Meyer and USC’s new quarterback, third-stringer Matt Fink, that led the Trojans to the win over Utah.

Check it out below:

The story could have ended there, however, if you notice that tweet has 22 likes.

Why is that important?

Urban Meyer’s official Twitter account is among the 22 that have liked that tweet.

It’s not clear what, if anything this means, but either Meyer is having some fun with the speculation, or he or however is running his account may have just tipped their hand a bit when it comes to the coach’s next potential job.