A young Oklahoma sports fan was in for a huge surprise when he received a special tour of the Sooners locker room. Janneh Britton, a former patient of The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Oklahoma City, got to meet his favorite Oklahoma football player, QB Jalen Hurts.

Britton, identified as 13 years old at the time in a December 2015 article about meeting Russell Westbrook, was a football and basketball player before being struck by a stray bullet, which shattered part of his spine. TCC, which shared the video this week, identified him as a former patient. On its Twitter account, TCC describes itself as “a nonprofit hospital serving children and teenagers with complex medical and physical disabilities.”

Though Britton no longer plays sports, he clearly still follows the Sooners closely to have decided Hurts is his new favorite player.

As SEC fans have known for years, Hurts is just an all-around great guy. You don’t have to be a fan of Oklahoma or Alabama to appreciate this: