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William Wallace is a regular Saturday Down South contributor; a warrior poet willing to go where many are not.
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When you're right, you're right. I just remembered it being a horrific decision that cost them a shot at a National Championship. But hey, Mark Richt is a great guy, right?
Why you mad? I'm saying they have a better season than last year.
If you really want to laugh, read the Facebook comments.
Hahaha. That's funny. Go get you some.
Ann, run away with me. Let's start a new life together.
Jake's right. I hate everyone equally.
Hey, I wasn't the only one who questioned that kid making that kick, Gus Malzahn had the same thought. He made a adjustment and beat Saban. Winning a lot doesn't mean you're always right. He's still the best coach in college football but that was a bad moment.
Wrong. It was a terrible decision by Richt. Defending it is ignorant. Stopping the clock would have allowed Georgia to lay out the obvious things you don't want to do, like catch a ball in play with no timeouts. In his most important moment Richt choked. Murray, on the other hand wanted to spike the ball and was overruled. Richt's choke led to a bad decision by the WR, a loss to Alabama, leaving Georgia and Murray without a title, which led Murray to comeback for his senior year, which led to a torn ACL.
I don't write about bye weeks or Kentucky.
Thanks for the feedback . If any of the schools I mentioned offer James Franklin he's gone.
Tennessee has been outscored 76-13 over the last two weeks. I need to see more.
I think I love 1-loss Missouri fans.
That's a great quote. It's that sadness that unites us all.
Sorry for the delay, I was tryng to catch a bus but got to the corner just in time to see the bus by. It's alright. But yes, Guilty as charged. Those were some wild times. (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-lot9T1VGUZk/UW2f1Lzbc_I/AAAAAAAAC6M/NwF4H2iAj3E/s1600/zackattack.jpg)
That's good advice... (http://byt.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/mpg.png)
Zoucat, in fairness, that picture was from high school, so it's a little unfair to criticize. But to show how commmited I am to honesty I'll share some updated pictures. Here's one from the college years (http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21800000/Saved-By-The-Bell-College-Years-saved-by-the-bell-college-years-21859388-348-500.jpg) and here is one from the wedding ( http://doyouremember.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/1344490847Saved-by-the-Bell-Wedding-In-Las-Vegas-Promos-saved-by-the-bell-12592481-600-399.jpeg). I hope this helps correct the misconception that my hair is "stupid".
So, it seems like Bo stands alone with his 5-loss prediction.
... and Baseball. Good times all around in Missouri.
No, my man Bo runs away with the Missouri podcast.
In fairness, I was also unimpressed last year when all 7 of of those teams crushed a dinged up mediocre Missouri team.
Buddy, you're right. I don't have the first clue how to respond to that.
"Mizzou hater" is inaccurate. To date, I've been underwhelmed by Missouri. Most of that has to do with their 5-7 record last season and 2-6 SEC record. This season they are playing well, but I'm not exactly flipping out about wins over Vanderbilt and a decimated Georgia team. Oh, and their best player will miss the two most important games in their quest to win the SEC East and they still have A&M. Missouri won't be favored in any of those games. The opinion is shared by Vegas (http://linemakers.sportingnews.com/ncaa-football/2013-10-14/college-football-lines-point-spreads-week-8-vegas-odds-florida-fsu-clemson). If they win the next two games I'll be wrong and I'll admit it, like I did last year with A&M.As for David's theory that beating Bama and winning the SEC would earn respect? Yeah, that would pretty much do it.
Georgia is resilient but those offensive injuries are very real, the defense is weak and they have teams that are considerably more dangerous than Tennessee remaining on their schedule. Tennessee had some fire in Saturday. Let's see if they still have it after what will likely be a month of losing.
"Ya gotta crawl before ya ball." Beat Vandy and people might start paying attention, but as Missouri knows, that's not as easy as it sounds.
Parker, if Richt loses this game at home I have a feeling a lot of Georgia football fans will be knocking its 12 year coach.
Sloooooow down, Zoucat. Why is Indiana anything other than "one of the worst teams in the Big 10"? They are 2-2 and before getting smoked by Missouri they lost to Navy. What did you see in their wins against Indiana State and Bowling Green that has made you so passionately believe that they are anything other than "one of the worst teams in the Big 10"?
Mike, saying that Florida should go to a BCS bowl game over Georgia is hardly controversial. Florida is #3 in the BCS Georgia is #7. Florida is #4 in the AP Georgia is #6. Florida is #4 in the Coaches Poll Georgia is #5. Everyone has Florida over Georgia.
The gane didn't end because the pass was tipped, it ended because the pass was caught. People are acting like the catch was unavoidable but it could have been prevented. There is a reason the phrase "Cooler Heads Prevailed" exists. Spiking the ball allows the offense to calm down and have a plan. Part of the plan is to not catch the ball in play witj nowhere to go and time on the clock.