Anthony Richardson Heisman humbling? Kentucky defense brings QB back to Earth

Anthony Richardson received loads of attention after Florida’s big win over Utah last week, but the Florida quarterback was humbled a bit against Kentucky as the Heisman Trophy talk appeared to cool.

Richardson started the game 6-for-17, including an interception to Jordan Wright, and mustered just 84 yards. The Gators offense mustered a pair of field goals, a Trevor Etienne touchdown, and a safety to take a lead, but Kentucky scored in 3 plays after the interception. That cut the lead to 16-13 with 1:25 remaining in the first half.

Richardson’s play against Utah had some wondering if he might be the type of player that can take a team from fighting for bowl eligibility to challenging for a division title. Among college football analysts, he drew comparisons to Vince Young, Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson and Tim Tebow this week.

Last week, Richardson ran for 3 scores in his second career start, including a 2-yard scamper with 1:25 remaining, and Florida upset the No. 7 team 29-26 to build major confidence at the dawn of the Billy Napier era.

The Gators led 16-13 at halftime.

Here’s some of the reaction to Richardson:

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  • LOL. Who saw this coming?

    I believe I did. And anyone with an iota of common sense.

    Anthony Richardson is who we all thought he was: Not that great.

    • Haha well Irvin the idiot please let me know how many qbs in back door u history have ever won the hiesman?? Just like your option matters… Zero!

        • This is similar to the people hyping him up last week but going in the opposite direction, Corch. Yes, he played badly today, but it’s his 3rd start, with a new coaching staff, and he’s still learning and getting experience. Many QBs when they become starters, including Bennett, have some growing pains and some ugly games before they became comfortable and get in a rhythm. AR needs more games under his belt before we can figure out if he’s good, ok, or a bust.

  • Kentucky came to play! We gotta shake off that first half and start running the ball. This is going to be a fight till the end.

    • FU will win if they stop trying to let Richardson throw, and just run with QB draws and QB off-tackle and with the normal running game.

      Richardson ain't a good QB. He'd have been awesome in Tom Osborne's Nebraska offense, though.

  • The end of all the hype will be good for Richardson. It was just typical media hype not rooted in reality. Now he can settle down and just execute.

  • AR never left the Earth, it was college football’s most delusional fan base that was and is out of touch with reality

    • Kentucky’s defense is incredible and Coach Stoops has done an amazing build up throughout the years, improving the team each season, and the past few years he’s had them playing at a high level. I mentioned that the team with the least mistakes would win and unfortunately the Gators made more against a strong defense.

    • Really? Because you saw that EXACT SAME pick-6 last year in The Cocktail Party.

      I can understand if you've erased that memory from your brain, but Nakobe Dean did the same thing to Richardson.

  • Ruffalo’s first miss in a long while. He was about to set the team record for consecutive makes. Came up just a tad short.

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