Billy Napier is trying to instill his culture at Florida, and opening fall camp is the latest example of that effort.

Napier explained that his first Florida offseason has been about “building connections” within the team. Players had to learn names and hometowns of teammates to grow loyalty. Now, coaches are shuffling the deck: “Their roommate for training camp will be someone they don’t really know.”

Napier even referred to the Gators building propinquity, and added, “College football used to be about amatuerinquity, but with NIL it’s more like propinquity.”

Napier spoke with reporters on Tuesday, and said the Gators have a lot of roles to be determined, and that fall camp is going to be highly competitive. How about his expectations for quarterback Anthony Richardson?

“Part of a job of a player like Anthony, really any player, not to let noise affect your process,” Napier said. “His focus is on the work and that is where it should be.”

H/T G. Allan Taylor and Kevin Brockway