Billy Napier was excited that Florida welcomed more than 300 recruits to Thursday night’s spring game, but at the moment, he had a message for one of his quarterbacks, Anthony Richardson, in the pregame.

“That same urgency you feel to perform right now, it’s important to take this experience, apply it to this summer, every meeting, every walk through, every practice opportunity that we have,” Napier recalled that he told Richarson during an interview on SEC Network+.

Napier offered his goals for the team, and he said they were to eliminate bad football, such as penalties, cut down on turnovers, eliminate mental errors and have sound technique.

“You always want to be a team that doesn’t give the other team anything,” Napier said. “We’ve taken great pride in that in the past certainly, because that’s where you start when you build a football team.”

Asked about the wide receivers, Napier said it’s a room where they need more depth, “but overall, been pleased with that first group. It’s good to see us throw and catch it a little bit in this type of setting. These guys are fantastic football players. They wouldn’t be at the University of Florida if they weren’t. It’s our job to get them to perform to play to their potential. That’s why they call you coach.”