Georgia has received the bulk of the hype this summer in terms of predictions of winning the SEC East, and overall, especially in relation to Florida.

Is that the type of thing that motivates the Gators as a sort of chip on their shoulder?

“I don’t know that they notice that,” coach Dan Mullen said of his players. “I think it’s an edge of their competitiveness as a team. I don’t ask our guys, I don’t pay much attention to that stuff, to be honest with you. I like looking at the edge of our team and the competitiveness of our guys. I don’t know a chip on their shoulder about that, I think about a chip on their shoulder and edgy about kind of who they are and the type of team they want to become. They have that challenge.”

At SEC Media Days, the Bulldogs were selected to win the SEC East with 923 points, including 124 first-place votes. Defending division champ Florida was second with 784 points and seven first-place votes. For perspective, the media has correctly predicted the SEC champion eight times since 1992.

The Gators won last year’s meeting in Jacksonville, which snapped a three-game winning streak for the Bulldogs.