The main focus following Florida’s 41-38 loss at Texas A&M is the struggles the Gators had on defense. Aggies RB Isaiah Spiller rushed for 174 yards and two touchdowns, and QB Kellen Mond passed for 338 yards and three touchdowns.

Florida coach Dan Mullen addressed those issues at his Monday press conference. Mullen said he won’t be calling defensive plays but he met with all of the defensive coaches on Sunday, and discussed personnel.

“It’s my responsibility, I’m the head coach, it’s my responsibility for how the team plays in every facet of the game,” Mullen said.

Mullen said he didn’t like Florida’s effort against Ole Miss, but liked the adjustments against South Carolina.

“Last week, you look at some of those explosive plays, did we make some mistakes? Absolutely. Do we need to be stouter at times? Absolutely,” he said. “Did they make some great plays where we had, we got a guy in great coverage, quarterback throws a dime and they make a one-handed catch? Yes. We got a guy draped all over them and they make a great catch. That’s great offense, too.”

Mullen hinted at changes on defense head of Saturday’s game with LSU, but didn’t go into detail. “Tune in Saturday and find out.”

“Some of it is good offense, some of it is getting guys in the right position, some of it is them creating some really good matchups,” Mullen said. “They have some players you have to be ready to defend and them taking what we gave them and then we’re able to do that.”