One of the best parts of college rivalries is the subtle and yet obvious jabs sent towards each other throughout the year. Florida coach Dan Mullen appeared to troll in-state rival Florida State and Seminoles coach Willie Taggart on his weekly radio show Thursday.

“We played in Orlando on August 24 and really had no cramping issues,” Mullen said.

Mullen’s remarks were wildly interpreted as a subtle dig at FSU in reference to a radio appearance Taggart made early in the week when he questioned his team’s hydration against Boise State in Week 1. During his comments, Taggart essentially said dehydration may have played a role in Florida State blowing an 18-point lead at home against Boise State last Saturday.

It’s much more likely Florida State’s defense wore out because it was on the field for more than 40 minutes in Week 1. The Seminoles scored 30 points, but they went just 1-for-12 on third down, struggling to extend any drives.

Florida and Florida State will meet on the final Saturday of the regular season, Nov. 30, in Gainesville this season. Maybe the Seminoles will have their hydration issues solved by then.