The 2020 SEC Championship Game has lived up to the hype so far as Alabama and Florida have combined for several big plays and an exciting brand of football in Atlanta.

The Crimson Tide have the advantage at the break as Alabama leads Florida 35-17 at halftime.

The score may have been a bit closer had Florida not scored so quickly just before the break, as the Gators had the ball on the one-yard line with 1:09 remaining in the half and the clock running.

Instead of milking the play clock, Florida scored immediately and gave Alabama over a minute to drive the length of the field for a quick touchdown. With just six seconds remaining in the half, Alabama scored its final touchdown of the half on the Gators.

Here is what Mullen had to say when asked about his clock management near the goal line.

“We’re trying to score,” Mullen said. “We’ve got to score to keep up with these guys, I’m not sitting here trying to make it a one-play deal to score because they have an excellent defense.”

Mullen was then asked to share his thoughts on Florida’s defense.

“We’re running our plan right there, the Florida coach said. “We’ve had some chances to make some stops defensively, we created a turnover and fumbled it right back. I think we had three third down penalties, to keep them on the field. We’ve gotten off the field a bunch of times but we’ve just stopped ourselves.

“That’s disappointing because our guys are making plays, we are making mistakes. You can’t get give an offense like that five extra opportunities.”