Among non-quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft, Florida TE Kyle Pitts was believed to be arguably the best prospect available. For Florida coach Dan Mullen, there was no debate.

He made comments before the draft about Pitts being the best non-quarterback prospect, and doubled down on them in an an interview with NFL Network on Thursday. That came after the Atlanta Falcons picked Pitts No. 4 overall and the first non-quarterback off the board.

The 6-foot-6 Pitts caught 43 passes for 770 yards and 12 touchdowns over eight games played last season, as he quickly became one of the best offensive mismatches across college football, and increasingly made talent evaluators consider him far beyond the tight end position.

“I really did (see him as the best),” Mullen said, per 247Sports. “And you understand the quarterback position, because you have to start there as you kind of get the organization around and what teams you’re trying to do and you’ve got to get that position settled. But I do think if the team with the first pick in the draft had a quarterback, they would go out and get him a best friend in Kyle Pitts. And so, you look at where he went — the first team that had a quarterback with a stable situation was the Falcons, and they were the first team that went out and jumped all over bringing him in.”