Anthony Richardson is one of the most physically gifted players in college football, standing at 6-4 and 240 pounds while having 4.4 40-yard dash speeds. Perhaps nobody knows that as well as former Florida head coach Dan Mullen, the man who recruited him.

When Richardson played against Utah, he looked like a legitimate Heisman candidate. However, he has since been unable to replicate that success. Mullen joined the College GameDay podcast to evaluate what he’s seen out of Anthony Richardson as a player this season.

“I think it (Richardson against Utah) was a guy that was relaxed, and there was really no pressure, they weren’t expected to win,” Mullen said. “They were almost the underdog at home and he went out and played. And then the last two weeks you saw a guy that now — as a younger player —  is expected to lead the team.”

Richardson suddenly had the weight of the program thrust on his shoulders. College football voices from around the country were saying that Richardson is the difference between the Gators potentially missing a bowl game and contending in the SEC East.

“I think what we’re seeing is a guy that feels — ‘okay, I’m now this star, there’s these expectations on me that I have to live up to— and I think he’s really been pressing, it has looked like, to really make the plays instead of having the plays come to him.”

Richardson hasn’t really had the opportunity to slowly grow into a complete player as he’s faced ranked opponents in 3 of his 4 collegiate starts with another one coming up against Tennessee. We will see if he can grow into the player that he has shown flashes of being.