While claiming Florida wasn’t trying to troll Georgia with its spring game attendance figures, Dan Mullen continues to find new ways to throw verbal jabs at his program’s main SEC East rival.

In the dead of the offseason, perhaps the most interesting thing happening in the SEC this offseason has been Florida’s attempts to troll Georgia this spring — although Mullen is now claiming the school did no such thing. If you somehow missed it, the announced attendance for the 2019 Orange & Blue Game was 39,476. Considering Mullen admitted he previously enjoyed fudging spring game numbers to rile up rival fans, most assumed that number had to mean something.

Thanks to Reddit user Camwhite_guy, we now know that the number definitely had some significance. Georgia hasn’t won a national championship in 39 years while having played 476 football games during the drought. Thus, 39,476 was the ultimate slap at the Bulldogs and Kirby Smart.

Despite the brilliant research done by the Gator Reddit user, Mullen is now claiming he doesn’t know where the 39,476 figure came from while speaking with the Polk County Gator Club. Here is what Mullen had to say about the figure according to Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports:


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“I had no idea. I don’t even know how they came up with that number, the most random thing ever,” Mullen said. “But everybody started freaking out about it, I guess, until three days later somebody put enough math together to go figure that out.

“Maybe Georgia fans were really so uptight they haven’t won in 39 years they got all uptight and tried to figure it out. But it was pretty random actually, it was pretty funny.”

So while Mullen denies the troll job, he trolled Georgia in his denial. You can’t make this stuff up.