If Florida is able to capture a second straight SEC East championship, Emory Jones will likely show a lot of development.

The likely starter for the Gators ended spring practice as QB1, coach Dan Mullen said, after a competition with Anthony Richardson. However, Mullen cautioned that he doesn’t describe the position like that. Rather, he wants 2 starters ready and then would like to develop a backup.

“He really went from a guy that understands the offense to a guy that’s making his reads and working on his technique, fundamentals at the quarterback position,” Mullen told reporters, per 247Sports. “At the back end of spring, you watch his balance in the pocket throwing the football, instead of just trying to make plays, and him focusing on being balanced with his accuracy.”

Mullen describes it as Jones having, “consistency and the consistency within his performance.”

“He’s getting a lot of the one reps, so now it’s on him and I think with that, you know, comes the responsibility,” Mullen said. “… He plays physical and he plays strong at his size out there. … We’re constantly on him about the consistency within his performance. He has great talent to go make plays, but getting the timing down because we have some younger receivers.”

About the rest of the team, Mullen added that he feels good with the running backs, linebackers, and likes the depth. But he’s not sure about the best 5 offensive linemen, or 3 behind the starters. However, he noted that WR Ja’markis Weston took ‘huge steps’ and he was one of the steals of 2019, but has not played much.

Finally, about Todd Grantham’s unit, Mullen said, “I thought our defense had a very good spring.”