Former Florida LB Neiron Ball is dealing with a serious medical condition and needs help.

The ex-Gator had brain surgery back in 2011, prior to his sophomore season, to address a congenital condition called an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which causes the brain’s blood vessels get tangled and rupture.

In 2018, an aneurysm forced him to be placed in a medically-induced coma, and now he is paralyzed in all four limbs and fighting for a chance to receive therapy. Per a post from The Buddy Martin Show on Facebook, Ball’s family is looking for help getting him out of a nursing home and into a neurorehabilitation facility:

“The Ball family has been dealing with this unfortunate crisis for almost a year as the details of his medical condition are different from his initial AVM diagnosis and the family is deeply disturbed by the events that led him to be admitted to Emory Hospital,” the post reads. “The family has been saddened by the obstacles that have impeded Neiron getting rehabilitation and proper care during the past 10 months as his insurance will now only pay for a skilled nursing facility and access to a neurorehabilitation facility has been denied. No help has been provided to Neiron despite the public dedications and interviews that have been conducted in the name of Neiron Ball, so the family that spearheaded his upbringing has stepped in to try to get him the help that he desperately deserves as he is not only a football player, but a great person.”

Ball’s current insurance is apparently not covering rehab, so we’ll see if he’s able to get the help he needs. The Facebook posts directs those with any way to help to contact Ball’s sister, Natalie Ball Myricks, at