Florida coach Jim McElwain has been the king of coach speak the last few days.

When Oregon fired coach Mark Helfrich Tuesday night, McElwain immediately became a name of interest and the rumor mill took off from there. He has responded several times, saying things like the reports are “hot air,” that he “has a heck of a job,” and the Ducks’ opening “hasn’t crossed my mind.”

Yet, with every possible chance to convince media otherwise by shutting down any possibilities for an exit, McElwain has continued to leave a small door open.

McElwain could very well mean what he says — it’s clear that he’s “excited to be a Gator,” because he wouldn’t have accepted the job two years ago if he didn’t think coaching at UF was a good opportunity.

But actions speak louder than words, and it would be rather easy to squash the rumors quickly.

Wonder why he doesn’t?