Florida fans have been given the option to request a refund for the LSU and Presbyterian home games that have been canceled, according to a release obtained by Saturday Down South.

They just have to do it by Oct. 28.

Here are the details:

Following yesterday’s announcement regarding the change in the Gators 2016 schedule, fans can now request a refund for LSU and Presbyterian tickets through the Gator Ticket Office or by visiting FloridaGators.com/refund.

Season-ticket holders with tickets to the 2016 LSU and Presbyterian games will have their ticket money from each game applied as a credit towards their 2017 season-ticket costs. This credit will show as a line item on their 2017 invoice that will reduce the total ticket cost for the 2017 season.

If season-ticket holders do not wish to have their monies applied toward the 2017 season, they may receive them as a refund instead. The deadline to request the refund will be Friday, Oct. 28. After the 28th, all monies will be applied toward the 2017 season.

Single-game purchasers can apply their monies from either game (or both, if applicable) towards 2017 season tickets or request a refund. The deadline to request the refund will be Friday, Oct. 28.

If fans would like to have the monies applied towards 2017 season tickets, no further action needs to be taken. The Gator Ticket Office will reach out to fans in 2017 to secure season tickets using the credit towards the total cost.

University of Florida students will receive a refund for both games back to the payment type used to purchase the season ticket. A separate communication outlining the refund of both games will be sent to all students who purchased season and/or guest tickets for each game.