The Florida Gators are beating Vanderbilt 14-0 at halftime, but fans are livid at the officiating.

Two different plays made Florida fans upset.

First, quarterback Kyle Trask threw a completion to receiver Jacob Copeland. It was called a catch in real-time, but upon the review, the officials called it incomplete because the ball hit the ground. It was basically the same exact play that Georgia’s Lawrence Cager had last week against Florida, and the officials called it a reception. Below is the replay.

The second play came when Trask threw his second interception of the game. Receiver Van Jefferson was clearly interfered with, and yet, the officials didn’t call it in the end zone. Turnover for the Gators.

Nearly every single SEC team has been furious with the officiating this year, and Dan Mullen couldn’t have been happy in the first half.

Florida fans are furious at halftime: