Even though Florida won comfortably over South Carolina, there were areas where coach Dan Mullen said the Gators need to work on, especially in the second half.

Mullen spoke at his regular Monday press conference about how it was disappointing how the Gators played after they built a big lead over South Carolina. The Gators failed to finish the game well on offense.

With 38-14 lead, Mullen said the Gators had nine plays for 11 yards of offense, including a three and out and a turnover. More than one third of South Carolina’s yards came when the Gators built the big lead.

“Have to finish better,” he said. “You’re a stop or a score away from the game being completely out of race. It was disappointing we didn’t have to do that.”

Mullen said Florida in the last two games started slow, completely shut the opponent down in the middle, and then didn’t finish at the end.

“This week you throw into that, the offense not finishing,” Mullen said. “… Our ability right then as a full complete team at that point, to put the game away. You’re a stop, or a score away really from the game being completely out of reach and really a lot of backups playing. That was disappointing that we didn’t do that.”