In recent days, all of the college football pundits have voiced their opinions on the next likely head coach for the Florida Gators, following the dismissal of Will Muschamp.

So it was only a matter of time before ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit offered his thoughts on the Gators coaching situation.

In an interview with Dave Matter of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Herbstreit stressed he didn’t have any inside information, but he rattled off some of the more popular candidates that might make the most sense for Florida.

“I’d be interested to see if Rich Rodriguez from Arizona is a name that Florida potentially looks at,” Herbstreit said to Matter. “I also think there’s a possibility other than Rich Rod, and this might sound crazy, but Charlie Strong might be a name that’s intriguing to me, even though he’s at a powerhouse, a traditional power at Texas.”

Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley laid out his expectations of the next head coach at Florida, specifically saying multiple times during the press conference an offensive-minded coach is preferred.

“We’d like an individual who has been successful on the offensive side of the ball,” Foley explained. “That’s obviously what the Gator Nation wants.”

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Foley’s preferrence for a coach who has had offensive success is one reason why a guy like Rodriguez is often brought up. The Arizona head coach is known for his offensive prowess, and has had success at places like Arizona and West Virginia.

Herbstreit also threw out a current SEC head coach as a slight possibility for the position.

“If we’re dreaming and shooting for the stars, just with his background and being [at Florida] for national championships as a defensive coordinator. Dan Mullen’s a name that everyone’s going to bring up, but those are just a couple of names off the radar.”