Tim Tebow last played quarterback in the NFL in 2015 during Philadelphia Eagles’ training camp, but one Jacksonville Jaguars assistant thinks it is helping the former Florida standout learn tight end.

Jaguars passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brian Schottenheimer met with the media on Saturday.

“You see the football mind, you see how he sees the game from the quarterback’s point of view,” Schottenheimer told reporters, per ProFootballTalk. “There was a play a couple days ago in the red zone where I think it was C.J. [Beathard] broke out and scrambled left and the first guy that saw it was Tim and we threw him a touchdown pass. Why is that? Well, he has played the position — he has stood back there and seen, ‘Oh well he is moving this direction, I have to go with him.’ It is going to be fun to watch him compete In the preseason as well.”

Schottenheimer, who is also a former Florida QB, had more praise for the Gator great.

“He knows there are things he does not know,” Schottenheimer said. “He asks unbelievable questions, you know, he really does.”