Jim McElwain knows the coaching business well and the negative attention and anger that come from it.

On Monday, McElwain met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Georgia, but his press conference took a different tone when he was asked about his coaching staff “hanging in there” through a tough season. He indicated that his family and his players have all received death threats.

“I think it’s a pretty good lesson for the way things are,” McElwain said. “There’s a lot of hate in this world. A lot of anger, and yet, it’s freedom to show it. The hard part is, obviously, when the threats are against your own players. Death threats to your families. The ill-will that’s brought upon out there, and yet, I think it’s really a pretty good testament to what’s going on out there nationally. A lot of angry people. In this business, we’re the ones who you take the shots at, and that’s the way it is.”

McElwain wouldn’t specifically expound upon the death threats, but he added the following about the level of vitriol from some fans.

“You’re in the business,” McElwain continued. “So, that’s all part of it. You get it. It’s when it’s directed towards your players. When it’s directed towards families, wives and that kind of thing. And yet, at the same time, they know what they signed up for as well, and that’s part of the business.”

Some fans take college football way too serious. Granted, it’s a minority of fans, but still, relax people.

Let’s assume this goes on in every fan base in the country, too. It’s not just at Florida. Other coaches just aren’t willing to talk about it or bring it up during a press conference.

Florida and Georgia kickoff at 3:30 pm ET on CBS Saturday.