Lamical Perine’s recent incident with a tow truck driver did not result in charges but based on the video below, you can see that the situation could have escalated in a hurry if cooler heads did not prevail.

Perine led the Gators in rushing last season with 826 yards and seven touchdowns while splitting carries mostly with Jordan Scarlett in the Florida backfield while Dameon Pierce and Malik Davis also chipped in with a combined 82 carries. With Scarlett off to the NFL, Perine is in line for an increased role in Dan Mullen’s offense heading into the 2019 season.

Perine’s heated reaction came after his mother’s car was towed for not having the proper decal required by law. Perine does appear to come into contact with the driver in the video, which resulted in the driver seeking a battery charge against the Florida running back. Perine was not arrested following the incident.

State Attorney Bill Cervone determined no charges would be filed, according to The Gainesville Sun, following the incident.

“It is clear that the touching was brief and light as opposed to being forceful, violent, or in any way likely to do harm,” Cervone said. “The employee immediately reacted by swinging a heavy strap at Perine, who was not injured. Although verbal exchanges continued no further physical confrontation followed.

“Legally, an unconsented to touching of any sort can constitute a battery. The touching by Perine in this case, however, is not only minimal but also is of the sort that society largely accepts as attention getting when someone is facing away from someone else. As such, and considering that Perine has no prior law violations, it lacks the kind of malice or ill intent that would warrant court action. That charge is therefore dismissed.”

Here is a video of the incident, which was posted to YouTube by The Gainesville Sun: