Florida State apparently found a creative way to use the time off during bowl season the program earned by going 5-7 on the football field in 2018 — finding new and unusual ways to embarrass itself via social media campaigns.

If you missed the Martin Luther King Day graphic FSU sent out this offseason, it was so bad it had to be deleted and an apology was issued by the school. Another campaign the school has undertaken this season revolves around the claim that it the true DBU, not in-state rival Florida.

Wherever you stand on the subject of the true DBU, it should be noted that FSU finished the 2018 season ranked 120th in the nation in pass defense, which was also “good” for dead last in the ACC. While Florida may not have specifically been called out in the tweet below from the official Florida State football account, it’s pretty obvious which school it is attempting to reference.

It is unclear if this was intentional or not, likely not given FSU’s recent social media history, but the program’s claim to DBU was made in the shape of a giant L. We eagerly await to see if this post will also soon be deleted by FSU:

The reactions to the tweet have thus far been very unkind to the Seminoles: