In Saturday’s Round of 32 showdown between No. 2-seed Michigan and No. 10-seed Florida, the UM defense managed to make the UF offense disappear in the Sunday. On Sunday, the official Twitter account of Michigan athletics decided to celebrate the 64-49 win with a “Florida Man” meme.

“Michigan holds Florida Man to lowest point total of season,” a tweet read in the style of a news article lede with a Des Moines, Iowa dateline.

Fascination with “Florida Man” headlines is nothing new. The Sunshine State’s open record laws (combined with other conditions) make it easy for reporters around the country to find write-ups of arrests in the state. Popular Twitter account @_FloridaMan joined the social media platform in 2013.

Florida Man mentions recently spiked on Twitter when @g_pratimaa called attention to a post on Tumblr encouraging people to search “Florida Man” headlines from their birthday and sharing them for laughs.