Saturday night was not a good one for proud Florida alumni like Chris Doering.

It’s been a long time since Doering was setting records as a Gator receiver playing for Steve Spurrier but the Florida native’s experience with the Florida program goes back well before his playing days in Gainesville.

Prior to suiting up for the Gators, Doering was a fan of the team and now, of course, he covers the program and the rest of the league for the SEC Network.

Following Florida’s 37-34 loss to LSU on Saturday night, Doering didn’t hold back when it came to his thoughts on the Gators losing in The Swamp to an undermanned Tiger team not only short of players but starting a true freshman quarterback (Max Johnson) that had never started in his college career.

Here is what Doering had to say about Florida’s loss to LSU on SEC Network program SEC Final moments after the game ended.

“Make no mistake, this is the most embarrassing (Florida) loss I can remember,” Doering said. “I’ve been a fan as a kid, a player, a guy covering it. With as much as was on the line, to not be mentally in it and we saw signs of it, we talked about it last night.

“We saw signs that the offense wasn’t playing their best, that the defense a little unsure about their assignments at times.”

While those things were noted by the SEC Network analyst, one issue that really made Doering question how prepared the Gators were for LSU came when Kyle Pitts sat out the game.

“And the thing that stood out to me, Kyle Pitts not playing tonight,” Doering added. “If this was to clinch the SEC East, to get to the SEC Championship Game, would Kyle Pitts have been able to go?

“Or is this a situation – I heard Coach Mullen talk about him not being able to practice this week – would you have found a way to get him in the game had this been for all the marbles. Had you not potentially looked past this game as just a game standing between you and the SEC Championship Game?”

What are the chances that Florida rebounds and finds its way to the College Football Playoff? Doering suggested Florida has “zero chance” after the Gators lost to LSU.