Remember Jim McElwain?

Florida fans have probably done everything they can to forget their former coach. Despite leading the program to multiple SEC Championship Games during his brief time in Gainesville, McElwain didn’t even finish his third season at the school.

While his unsupported claim of death threats from the fan base may have been the final nail in his coffin, you could argue the end of the McElwain era began with that infamous shark photo.

Clearly, the naked man on the shark wasn’t McElwain, but he couldn’t handle all the jokes surrounding the photo. That led to some unnecessary awkwardness that displayed just how in over his head McElwain was at Florida.

Thankfully, Marco Wilson hasn’t made the same mistake.

If you don’t follow Wilson on social media, you missed an incredible tweet as the former Gator reacted to a shoe being tossed at performer Dababy during a recent performance.

Wilson jokingly responded, “My bad fam,” to the video:

Wilson has learned what McElwain never did, once you embrace the joke, it loses all of its power over you.