Pete Alonso put on quite a show in the first round of the Home Run Derby on Monday night during festivities at the Major League Baseball All-Star game.

The New York Mets slugger, former Florida star and Tampa, Florida native launched an incredible 35 home runs during the first-round matchup with Salvador Perez of the Kansas City Royals.

During the onslaught, Alonso, the reigning champ, bounced to the music he brought from New York rappers Mob Deep and Nas.

During a post-round interview with ESPN, Alonso said, “Oh yeah. This is everything I dreamed of when I was a little kid. I’m just living in the moment right now.”

Still out of breath, Alonso was asked if this is a locked in version of himself, and he said, “Oh yeah, you bet.”

He was asked about the artist who designed the images on his custom bat he used.

According to ESPN, Alonso teamed up with artist Gregory Siff to create custom-painted bats the slugger used in Denver. Alonso used a painted bat to win the 2019 Derby, just as Bryce Harper did the year before that, but these not only push the art form forward — there’s eight of them this time.