Maurkice Pouncey found an interesting way to share his thoughts on the new NFL labor negotiations between the owners and the players’ association.

Make no mistake, Pouncey wants no part of the deal.

The NFLPA leadership has agreed to a deal with the owners that would allow owners to expand the regular season to 17 games and expand the postseason. Now individual players must vote on the deal with a majority vote required to make the deal official.

Here are some other items listed in the new deal that will be voted on, aside from the 17-game regular season and expanded playoffs, per ESPN:

  • A cap on the number of international games and that there would not be a full week of such contests. More likely is a continued mix of games in England (and other European sites) and Mexico. Most team schedules will have nine home games and eight road games in alternating years.
  • Training camp padded practices would be reduced from a total of 28 to 16. A five-day acclimation period would precede summer practices. There would be more days off during camp — eight instead of five — and a limit on joint practices.
  • No extra bye week in the regular season, something that had been discussed. However, teams basically would have two weeks to prepare for the season opener, with the elimination of the fourth preseason game.
  • Rosters would expand from 53 to 55, with 48 players able to dress for games rather than the current 46. Practice squads would go from 10 players to 12 and eventually to 14, probably by 2022. There would be more flexibility for protecting practice squad players from becoming free agents.

Reaction to this news led to Pouncey sharing a video of himself driving shirtless and expressing his disappointment with the details of the deal.

Keep in mind, this video is NSFW. It takes him until the third word to start cursing.