We may have been robbed an opportunity to enjoy the NCAA Football video game the last several years but thanks to the hard work of some die-hard fans of the series, the ability to play a modified version of Madden 19 featuring several SEC teams will soon be available.

Spearheaded by College Football Mod 19, which can be found here on Twitter, a modified version of Madden 19 will soon be out that features several SEC and college programs, including Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, among others. A demo of the NCAA Football mod provided by College Football Mod can be found here.

The mod is only available on PC, not on PS4 or Xbox One.

The demo features a playable version of Alabama vs. Clemson in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship Game from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca.

There is no official date for the release of the full mod game but a video was recently published showing a full game between Florida and Ohio State. The video was uploaded to YouTube by user D Weeks.

The entire game between Florida and Ohio State can be viewed below: