More fallout continues to surface from the Florida-Kentucky game and one specific play where Kentucky LB Kash Daniel is accused of twisting the ankle of Florida QB Kyle Trask.

The issue was first raised by a Florida sideline reporter, but a new angle from WYMT shows a more definitive look of the incident.

It remains unclear how the SEC or Kentucky might respond to this situation as Florida coach Dan Mullen has deflected any reaction toward the SEC office. Daniel’s response that his “hand was stuck underneath a lineman’s leg” an explanation that no doubt riles Florida fans, and even players.

But since this hasn’t been resolved from a discipline standpoint — and maybe never will be resolved — look for it to add more spice to a healthy rivalry as Daniel was front and center of the Kentucky’s win in Gainesville last season with a memorable water bottle celebration.

Florida coaches, players and fans won’t soon forget this alleged ankle twist.